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dc.contributorInsaurralde, Andrea-
dc.creatorDuprez, Andrea-
dc.descriptionEFL learners often fail to reach a level of reading ability that allows them to comprehend texts in English and to reach a level of reading that lets them feel confident when interpreting a given text. Teaching reading strategies might be helpful in improving the reading skills of EFL students. This thesis investigates whether reading strategies instruction might be effective in improving reading skills for Argentinian high school students. To carry out the investigation, the following questions were considered: (i) Does unawareness of the use of reading strategies result in a lack of understanding a text in a foreign language?; (ii) Is reading strategy instruction useful for students?; (iii) Can EFL/ESL learners improve their English reading comprehension using metacognitive reading strategies? In order to answer these questions, an experimental study was done where students from ages 13 to 17 were randomly divided into two groups and given the same texts in English. However, one of the two groups received precise instruction for several weeks on reading strategies such as anticipating, predicting, skimming, scanning, use of cognates and summarizing. The results revealed that the students who were given instruction about the different reading strategies were better able to understand the given texts than those who were in the group that did not receive any instruction. This shows that teaching reading strategies and using them when reading a text in a foreign language help EFL students to improve considerably their reading comprehension.en
dc.descriptionFil: Duprez, Andrea. Universidad FASTA. Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación; Argentina.-
dc.descriptionFil: Insaurralde, Andrea. Universidad FASTA. Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación; Argentina.-
dc.publisherUniversidad FASTA. Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación-
dc.sourceinstname:Universidad FASTAes_ES
dc.subjectEnseñanza de idiomas-
dc.subjectLanguage instruction-
dc.subjectEnseñanza secundaria-
dc.subjectSecondary education-
dc.subjectEnseñanza de una segunda lengua-
dc.subjectSecond language instruction-
dc.titleEffectivenes in applying reading strategies when reading in a foreign languageen
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