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Título : Gender representation and stereotypes in Global elementary
metadata.dc.creator: Oroz De Gaetano, Vanina
Palabras clave : Gender bias
Gender roles
Discourse analysis
metadata.dc.date: 2018
Editorial : Universidad FASTA. Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación. Departamento de Inglés.
Descripción : Textbooks are usually considered a fundamental part of teaching; defended by their supporters and despite their detractors, they have persisted for centuries because they have been able to adapt to different pedagogical currents and methodological approaches. But regardless of the times, coursebooks have never ceased to reflect societies, attitudes and beliefs. In the last decades, women have been gaining power and representation in society, though this empowerment has not always been fairly translated in textbooks. Many researchers have analysed EFL materials only to find out that they were strongly male-biased and that they depicted women in a stereotyped way. Fortunately, there has been much progress in the field since then, although imbalance and stereotypes are still not infrequent. This study is a quantitative and qualitative study of the texts and illustrations of a coursebook I use – Global elementary-, and it aims at examining the gender representations and labels in it. In addition, this analysis intends to go beyond mere judgment and encourage ways of regarding EFL materials that foster a more egalitarian and fair representation of the genders. The results of this study show many improvements and considerable effort in portraying a more balanced depiction of females and males; there are, however, some conservative views in in the visual and linguistic content. The key lies in identifying these imbalances in order to use them to trigger enriching debates with our students and raise awareness on the subject.
Fil: Oroz De Gaetano, Vanina. Universidad FASTA. Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación. Departamento de Inglés; Argentina.
URI : http://redi.ufasta.edu.ar:8082/jspui/handle/123456789/711
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